Leadership models allow us to understand the reasons why a leader acts as he does. A popular example of the leadership model is the Four-Frameworks Method. In this kind of leadership model, it recommends that a leader can be placed in one of four groups in the four-framework method including – structural, human resources, political, and symbolic. Also, it recommends that in some cases an approach is appropriate and there are times also once it is not.

Depending on a given situation, a style type may or may not be effective. One should be aware of all four methods, as depending on one or two methods would be inadequate. Apart from this, you also have to keep in mind the restrictions of supporting a single method.

Framework of the Human Resources Leadership Model

In the HR framework, an HR leader is simply approachable and can be seen, believes in people, as well as communicates it. Also, they authorize, support, share information, create budgetary decisions in their association and encourage participation.

Human Resources

In the HR Framework, the leader is a means and a servant whose Leadership focus is advocacy, support, as well as empowerment in circumstances of active leadership. In the circumstances of ineffective leadership, a style of individual leadership is deception as well as abdication and is a simple target. Learn more about about framework for HR leaders by clicking here

Framework of Structural Leadership Model

A structural leader concentrates on strategy, adaptation, implementation, experimentation, environment, as well as structure in the structural framework. In circumstances of ineffective leadership, the style of individual leadership is detail-oriented and a petty oppressor. While in an active leadership condition, the style of individual leadership is design-oriented as well as analytical and is a community architect.

Framework of the Symbolic Leadership Model

In this type of Framework, a symbolic leader uses symbols to gain attention, discover and discuss a vision, and view partnerships as a stage to engage in certain roles and give impressions. Also, they strive to frame the experience by giving a practical understanding of the experiences. An individual’s leadership style is inspirational in an effective leadership condition. And the style of individual’s leadership style is mirrors as well as smoke and is a fanatic in an ineffective Leadership condition.

Framework of Political Leadership Model

A political leader reviews the spreading of interests as well as power and makes clear what he wants and what he can achieve. They use persuasion first, build relationships with other stakeholders, and use negotiation and force if really required. In circumstances of effective leadership, a person’s leadership style is one of alliance building. And a person’s leadership style is manipulative in an ineffective leadership situation. Learn more about how to use Technology to Improve Business at https://global-leader.net/6-ways-to-use-technology-to-improve-your-business/

Bottom Line

A Leadership model is just a way of better understanding why leaders have to act the way they do and make decisions that sometimes we disagree with. But this doesn’t essentially mean that you should just concentrate on the type of behavior discussed in the models of Leadership. But rather that these models are a way of understanding that each type of situation recognizes a particular approach or behavior that a leader should take into account.

4 Leadership Models in Business

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